Dr. Stanislav Shmelev

Email: director@environmenteurope.org

Website: http://stanislav.photography/

Phone: +447729733366


Ecosystems are in danger: according to WWF, the world has lost 60% of the world’s biodiversity since 1970. Ecosystems are playing a crucial role in stabilizing our climatic conditions, provide us with water we drink, the food we eat, fibres we use in clothing and furniture, biochemicals that are used in medicine, generate oxygen and absorb carbon emissions. Ecosystems are pollinating plants on which our livelihood entirely depends, they provide inspiration for artists and are held sacred by communities in many countries. Shot in Colombia, Brazil, USA, Dubai, France, Spain, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Albania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Malaysia and Singapore, ‘Ecosystems’, a new photobook, speaks about complexity, diversity and the true value of ecosystems and why we should care.

ECOSYSTEMS – Machapuchare 2017
ECOSYSTEMS – Sacred Sand 2018
ECOSYSTEMS – Ballet of Nature 2018