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Points of Departure – Tilbury to Harwich

Points of Departure – Tilbury to Harwich is Simon Fremont’s first solo exhibition. While Westminster remains deadlocked on the best way to deliver Brexit in response to the EU Referendum. Simon embarked upon a photographic journey exploring points of departure between Tilbury and Harwich that facilitate trade with Europe.

 The images use a consistent visual language  to reflect the liminal period where the future relationship with Europe is far from resolved. They play on a sense nostalgia for a period that predates the United Kingdom joining the European union in the 1970s. Piers, jetties and landing stages stand perpendicular to the coast representing possible solutions to different aspects of the withdrawal agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

Simon Fremont, 2018, Transition, Underneath Walton-on-Sea Pier looking out to North Sea Essex
Simon Fremont, 2018, No Deal, Tidal Pool Leigh-on-Sea Essex