Rita Rodner

Website: www.ondichotomies.com

On Dichotomies

“The real and virtual coexist and enter into a narrow circuit that takes us constantly from one to the other. …There is no longer unassignability of the real and virtual, but indiscernability between the two terms in their mutual exchange.” (Gilles Deleuze)

“On dichotomies” is about the coexistence of the seemingly opposite entities. The images, created in the language of abstract forms and various experimental photographic techniques, tell a story about the harmony of the analogue and digital, physical and virtual, organic and geometric, human and non-human, and other dichotomous configurations which make up the contemporary world. They illustrate the complex structures of the reality stretched between the binary data and elementary particles, and expose the photography’s ability to reflect it.

Landscape with glyphs II, 2018
Source code II, 2018