Paul Peach



The project and book “Hong Kong Barbers Grooming Evolution”

These images are in part, an ethnographic record of the metrosexual and ubersexual identities, cultural influences of men’s grooming practices, and artistic synergy of traditions old and new, that characterise the new age of Hong Kong barbering business of today. This project is part documentary and part wonderment about this evolution of repurposing a trade. This collected archive of images provides aesthetically resilient, thematically interrelated material for posterity and projection in book form.  These authentic photographs combine moments or events in a narrative structure to allow the outsider to explore and uncover the mysterious world of barbering and to see residual traces of human endeavours in the barbershop life and industry.

Female barber Julian Leung at the 59 Tattoo & Barbershop, Hong Kong 2017
Ambassador Barber Parlour Shanghainese-style barbering since 1978 in Hong Kong 2017
Oi Kwan Barber’s Cantonese traditional Lane barbershop from 1962, Hong Kong 2017