Anthony Prothero



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This project Ipseity, forms part of an ongoing investigation into the personal archive belonging to my grandmother. It started two years ago, as a study of my grandmother’s cabinet of memorabilia. This study prompted further enquiry into the significance of the personal archive in relation to my own identity; this marks the beginning of my own familiar journey.
Ipseity, which translates to Individual identity in Latin, is a collection of images both of personal photographs, as well as reworked material from my grandmother’s original archive dating back to1890. This collection is an amalgamation of my research into memory, post-memory, the family album and ultimately the connections we have to the past that shape who we are in the present.

“He was just like you, you know, building up his portfolio #1, 1966/2018” – Taken from the project titled Ipseity, an investigation into memory, Imagination and the family album